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    Retail Pole

    Retail Pole is a division of SN Systems , a company specialized, since many years, in the production of Cash Drawers for the national and international market.

    The experience and the seriousness matured in years of production makes us a reliable partner offering us on the market with high quality products, in step with the requests and with competitive price.

    We are able to offer products and ergonomic multifunctional PoS solutions tailor made for any customer in the Retail, Hospitality and Supermarket sector, ensuring high quality products, we are also able to offer OEM products for any need that the market and customers submit us.

    Industries Of Applications

    Main Retailers and franchising chains operating both in Italy and abroad have chosen us.


    A market in strong expansion and extremely sensitive to innovation.


    The SN Systems experience at the service of the world of large-scale distribution.

    Manufacturing Process

    In detail the steps to get to provide ad hoc products and solutions EFT POS Card Reader Payment Terminal solutions for any customers in the Retail, Hospitality, Bars, Restaurants and Hotel sector, ensuring high quality products, we are also able to offer OEM products for any need that the market and customers submit to us.


    We are partners of our customers. Every SN Retail Pole solution is 100% customisable. Thanks to our specialized team we will be able to offer you specialized consultancy in order to make your workplace more ergonomic and productive.


    We focus on the customer in all our processes. All the design and development phases are entirely developed internally by SN Retail Pole, which uses a team of specialized engineers to offer you the best ergonomic solutions for your EFT POS Card Reader Payment Terminal.


    All the products sold by SN Retail Pole guarantee the highest quality standards. The internal production process is developed in-house and we try to offer the fastest delivery times for our customers.


    Our commitment is to guarantee the best delivery times for any type of configuration within 2 weeks. The success of our customers is a goal of our company.

    Manufacturer of ergonomic multifunctional supports for point of sale products as PIN PADs POS Payment Terminals Stand, PIN PADs Payment Terminal Ingenico, PIN PADs Payment Terminal Verifone and PoS Solutions for the Hospitality, Retail, Bars, Restaurant, Hotels and Event markets.

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    We are able to produce a precise and unique service for our customers all over the world.